When you hold on to secrets and emotions causing you distress, you give demonic forces more power over your future and the future of your children. Whatever secrets you are holding on to causing shame, guilt, and confusion, expose it! Surrender it into the ears and heart of the Lord and leave the consequences to Him. If it is someone you’ve wronged, be honest and humble enough to ask for forgiveness, and do not worry about their response. Confessing and surrendering that burden you’ve carried for so long is like removing heavy bricks off of your back, making your journey a little lighter each step of the way. Exposing secrets will release God’s power over that situation, while holding on gives the enemy more territory.
 There is something so powerful that occurs when we let go of painful things we’ve held on to all of our lives. Yes, people will get upset, try and embarass you, curse and persecute you, call you a liar, try and ruin your reputation, shame you even more, or even go as far as to disown you, but the rewards of letting it all go and gaining a God enriched freedom is so very worth the risk. God grant us the courage when we are afraid of the consequences of losing things, friends, family, going to jail, and backlash, to surrender anyway, for our good and your glory! Author Carmen Love #Loveishealing #Nomoresecrets #kingdomhousepublishinginc