going deep in God’s word


In my reckoning, most of the challenge in “seeking the Holy Spirit” is in wanting him. If the want is great enough, we will figure out how to have his fullness. Desperation is very resourceful. So it is no accident that three-fourths of this new message is devoted to enticing you to want the experience of the Spirit. Especially in the hour of your greatest need, like death.

I love the promise of 1 Peter 4:14: “If you are insulted (or suffer in any other way) for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.” What is that like? To have the Spirit of glory and of God resting on you? I give seven answers to that question and then turn to four ways to seek the Spirit in this experience.

May the Spirit himself incline your hearts to want him. If he comes to you in fullness, you will have everything you need, even as you die.


Augustine. Luther. Calvin

We admire these men for their greatness, but the truth is Augustine grappled with sexual passions. Martin Luther struggled to control his tongue. John Calvin fought the battle of faith with worldly weapons.

Yet each man will always be remembered for the messages he declared-messages that still resound today. John Piper explores each of these men’s lives, integrating Augustine’s delight in God with Luther’s emphasis on the Word and Calvin’s exposition of Scripture. Through their strengths and struggles we can learn how to live better today. When we consider their lives, we behold the glory and majesty of God and find power to overcome our weaknesses.

If ever you are complacent about sin, if ever you lose the joy of Jesus Christ, if ever you are dulled by the world’s influence, let the lives of these men help you recapture the wonder of God. Book 1 in The Swans Are Not Silent series.

“Aurelius Augustine, Martin Luther, and John Calvin had this in common: they experienced, and then built their lives and ministries on, the reality of God’s omnipotent grace.” 

Embrace the Truth!

David said in Psalm 23:5, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” When God brings you through the opposition, He’s not going to do it in private; He’s going to do it to where all of your enemies can see it. The doubters, the critics, the people that said it wouldn’t work out, they’re going to see you blessed, healed, promoted, vindicated, in a position of honor and influence.